Liquid-cooled 782cc, 4 cam, 90 V4 engine delivers a smooth curve of power with excellent torque throughout the rev range.

The traits of the well-proven Honda V4 engine configuration are legendary. Along with the appealing engine note, this distinctive engine architecture provides a smooth curve of power with excellent torque figures from idle to the rev limit.

To provide both optimum low speed torque and peak power, a highly developed version of Honda’s revolutionary VTEC system has been specially adjusted. This technology offers variable valve timing to optimise the degrees of valve opening a unique proposition in the motorcycle market.

Crossrunner engineers have laboured to refine these characteristics. Throttle control linearity the feeling of heightened rider control was an early design goal and formed an importantly large part of the Crossrunner’s development time.

The net result is a smooth rush of progressive, linear power with abundant torque throughout the rev range and precise control at every parameter of revs, throttle position, gear position and load.

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